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Rayzor's Edge Privacy Policy

 It is the policy of this company that all information given to us shall be treated as confidential information and is owned by the person giving the information. We do not sell or give away information to a third party.

 Rayzor's Edge is dedicated to helping our clients maximize their productivity through the use of their computer network systems. We have access to sensitive and confidential information for each of our clients and this information must remain safe and secure in order to maintain this level of trust. All employees are bound by signed agreement to maintain the confidentiality of all business related information and continue to be restricted by this agreement when their employment ends.

 When you provide Rayzor's Edge with your contact information, we will use the information in order to reply to your request. Rayzor's Edge will follow up our reply with one additional contact only to gauge further interest in our services or products.

 Rayzor's Edge encourages you to click the pictures of the Better Business Bureau and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce to research our company history, or ask us for references from our clients.