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HIPAA Compliance Service

The HIPAA privacy and security rules have become an important aspect of doing business for every Practice covered by HIPAA. What was once an issue for the future has become a priority for the Health Care Industry. With penalties of up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $250,000, HIPAA compliance is not something to be taken lightly. Yet HIPAA compliance is not easy or simple, and HIPAA compliance cannot be bought in a box of software!

While covered entities may have to buy products and services, they will not provide a complete solution. Some of the products on the market are valuable and can be integrated into an overall compliance plan. However, health care entities cannot simply buy a few products and think that the result will be "HIPAA Compliance". HIPAA compliance will require ongoing efforts that include IT specific procedures, such as encryption for email and instant messaging, examination of Firewall logs, unauthorized intrusion detection, data auditing, and data access auditing. These results must be documented and retained for 6 years before they can be removed from your network!

While the provisions within HIPAA encompass all aspects of business processes, they also allow flexibility in implementing a solution to becoming compliant. A solution for a large practice does not have to be used for a small sized practice. While aspects of one plan may be re-used in another plan, there is not a single compliance solution that fits every entity, nor was there intended to be.

Rayzor's Edge specializes in working with small and medium sized practices. We can develop a plan to manage the IT components of your compliance plan that will incorporate your "Practice Association Guidelines", while being as simple as possible to avoid possible compliance breaches and liability. By managing the IT requirements for you, your personnel are free to perform their regular duties that make your Practice profitable for you.

If you need help with HIPAA compliance, give us a call at 704-893-0755. We are here to help you.

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