Rayzor's Edge Network Solutions
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Network Management Services

Rayzor's Edge can manage your computer network and provide all IT services that a computer network administrator would provide, without the cost of having a full-time employee, including the associated costs, such as overtime, holiday and vacation pay, health benefits, 401(k) and other retirement plans, unemployment insurance, etc.  

For companies with small IT departments, we provide project consulting services to help manage projects that your department may not be familiar with, whether the technology be new or old. We also assist companies and IT staffs that need help in Branch Offices or remote sites when travel to our coverage area is not cost effective.

Our service technicians are trained in new technologies and older technologies, both hardware and software to maximize their ability to help our clients. Regular testing and client feedback ensure that we have the best technicians in the area!

Rayzor's Edge can manage, or install and configure, your company's computer network for advanced IT services such as, but not limited to:

      Active Directory Design and Integration
      LAN or WAN setup and repair
      Recover Data from "Crashed" Systems
      Extend your current Network
      Wireless  or Wired Installations
      Internet Access
      E-Mail (Corporate and Internet)
      Remote System Access
      T1, Frame Relay, or other Broadband connections
      Setup new user accounts and delete/lockout old user accounts
      Provide data replication and storage, data backup and/or restore data
      Develop Disaster Recovery procedures
      Monitor and upgrade hardware
      Install, patch, or upgrade software
      Install all printing services for group or individual printers
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