Rayzor's Edge Network Solutions
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Network Security Evaluation & Implementation

Rayzor's Edge can perform a wide range of security services. We can implement anti-virus programs on a per-user or corporate wide level. We can install Internet monitoring devices or software and provide reports to management as often as needed. We maintain security patches for servers and routinely run software that scans the network for vulnerabilities. We check folder permissions for unauthorized access by employees. If you need security cameras, we can design a system to give you complete coverage and Internet access to view live feeds and saved video.

For companies that must comply with Federal Laws like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Graham-Leach-Bliley, we can install and maintain many different brands of Firewalls and Routers, from high-end Cisco to more cost conscience brands like Symantec, Linksys and Netgear, and many other brands. We can setup auditing and log files that are required by these laws and maintain copies for the required retention periods. We can design and install data storage devices designed for long term storage and configure access policies and permissions. 

We can provide Policy Documents for companies to protect themselves from incidents involving unacceptable use by employees, such as an Internet Use Policy, an Email Use Policy, a company Computer Use Policy, and a Minimum Password Strength Policy. We create documents for employee use, such as How to Access Email from Outside the Office, and How to Setup Your New Blackberry.

Rayzor's Edge can perform site surveys, to determine areas where a company's physical infrastructure may be vulnerable to accidents or deliberate acts of destruction. The security of the physical components of your infrastructure is an area companies may overlook when considering how to secure their networks, yet is an area just as important as file and folder access permission security.

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